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Åsa Lind

Åsa Lind previously worked as a journalist. She writes both fiction and non-fiction, and is particularly well-known for her successful Sandwolf series, which won the Nils Holgersson Plaque and was nominated for the August Prize. Her writing is poetic, philosophical and in treating the child’s thoughts and feelings seriously and sympathetically, she tackles some of the larger questions a child may have in a simple manner but without resorting to simplified answers. These might be questions such as why is the universe endless? Or: where do the colours we see around us during the day go at night? Åsa Lind’s imagination was fired when she was very young by her mother’s advice in the kitchen of her family home: “You can think whatever you want, because nobody can take your thoughts away from you.” Her books are particularly noted for their understanding of the child’s point of view and comprehension of the world, while her writing is admired by critics and readers alike for its perfect pitch. Her books can be read with pleasure many times over. 


Åsa Lind's books