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Pernilla Stalfelt

Pernilla Stalfelt is one of Sweden’s most innovative creators of picture books, taking on subject matter close to home but which breaks traditional boundaries. She is best known for her non-fiction series that includes The Hair Book, The Poo-Poo Book, The Death Book, The Love Book, As Alike as Two Peas, The Scary Book, and The Violence Book. The books are researched with young children and written in a manner that is both light-hearted and informative, and designed to encourage children to think about such existential subjects as time, love and death.

Her illustrations are drawn in a naive style to align the subject-matter to a child’s perception and to inspire children to write and draw. Her books are available in fourteen countries. The first, The Hair Book, received the Heffaklump, while The Death Book was nominated for the Deutcher Jungundliteraturpreis. The Poo-Poo Book has sold 120,000 copies in Sweden alone and is regarded as a contemporary classic.

“Pernilla Stalfelt has won many fans with books that don’t shy away from the difficult issues in life, but deal with them in a comical and concrete way.”

Svenska Dagbladet

“A book by Permilla Stalfelt is like a much longed-for bag of sweets. The Time Book is perfect for inquisitive children who want to discuss where we come from and who we are.”



Pernilla Stalfelt's books