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Pija Lindenbaum

Pija Lindenbaum graduated from the Stockholm College of Arts, Crafts and Design in 1979 and has worked as an artist, designer and author for forty years. Quirky, contemporary and emotionally truthful, she is also one of the country’s most popular and successful picture book authors/illustrators. Her children’s stories are offbeat and sometimes ironic, while her writing has an understated humour that captures the cross- currents of modern relationships, whether between children, or between children and adults.

Lindenbaum’s characters include Gittan, Åke, Mini Mia, Kenta, Siv and Cerisia; urban, willful and never goody-goody. They are brought vividly to life in water-colour and pen and ink illustrations using playful angles and perspectives to create a sprightly, kinetic energy. Written from the child’s perspective, Lindenbaum’s books are highly distinctive and instantly recognisable, celebrate the child’s imagination, embrace the feel-good but never shy away from the difficulties children face.

Her books have been translated into almost a dozen languages, sold in sixteen territories and have been nominated for several international awards, winning both the August Prize and the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis.

Press Voices:

“Lindenbaum paints Uncle Tommy’s shirts and retro furniture with verve and her pacing is sure as she sees Mini Mia’s struggle through to its resolution. The emotions stay true and by the denouement, Mini Mia’s wrath has been reconciled wordlessly and authentically.”

Publisher’s Weekly about Mini Mia and her Uncle Darling

“If modern children’s books can become classics, then Bridget and the Grey Wolves has every chance of doing so.”

Frankfurter Allgemine Zeitung about Bridget and the Grey Wolves

“With her unmistakable style, she invites us into yet another picture book where the inner strength of the child is emphasized.”

Svenska Dagbladet about Siv’s First Sleep-over


Pija Lindenbaum's books