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Emily Joof AuthorÅsa Gilland Illustrator

The Superhero Princess/Superhjälteprinsessan

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The Superhero Princess/Superhjälteprinsessan

When Thandi is invited to a dress-up party by a classmate, she’s hesitant at first as to what to dress up as. Can she really pull off going as Pippi, Iron Man or Elsa from Frozen when she doesn’t even look like them! But Mom says of course she can. She can dress up as whatever princess or superhero she wants! Or even better: She can be an entirely new superhero princess, Super T! With silver boots, rainbow tights, and a glitter cape—let’s go!

A fun celebration of finding oneself through the discovery of new superheroes, princesses and role models. A story about getting to be exactly who you are in exactly the way you want to be!

Emily Joof


Author Emily Joof, born in 1984, works as a Global Education Technical Advisor at Save the Children. She has previously written several children’s books with themes of inclusion and diversity from an afro diasporan perspective. The Big Blue is her first book at Rabén & Sjogren, with illustrations by Matilda Ruta. Throughout her career, Joof…

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Åsa Gilland


Åsa Gilland, born in 1970, is a graphic designer and illustrator who has been living and working in Jakarta, Indonesia for more than 20 years. She has studied interior design at the Accademia Italiana Moda in Florence and has also lived in Norway, Switzerland, Madrid and London. Since 2020, she has illustrated a dozen award…

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