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Grethe Rottböll AuthorLisen Adbåge Illustrator

A Horse Party/Hästfesten

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A Horse Party/Hästfesten

A Horse Party is an entertaining and exciting, fast-paced adventure and a story about friendship and belonging. The story takes us, in trot and gallop, through incredible pictures and whimsical rhymes, to the lovely clover field where the ten wild horses find a home.

It began with nothing
A field that everybody just passed by
A tree in which nobody wanted to climb high A sun that shone down on nobody alive

But a horse with stars on his neck arrived
He stopped and made a very long face
Then he hollered, COME HERE and visit my place! At night, he got tired and went to sleep
But his echo ‘cross mountains and water did leap

Dandy is the one who cries out in the night. And horse by horse the rest of them listen to his echo and follow his voice. Plus, Dolanga, Minus, Dior, Rataplan, Pistage, Silver, Lord and Doj-Doj. In the end the ten wild horses are gathered in Dandy’s field. Now begins a major horsing around!

The ten colorful horses delighted their readers in the first picture book, Ten Wild Horses, a Counting Tale. Critics praised the rhymed counting verses and the wonderful pictures.

Grethe Rottböll


Lisen Adbåge


Lisen AdBåge is an illustrator and author who debuted in 2000 and has since written and illustrated several award winning and critically recognized books. Together with her sister Emma AdBåge she has authored and illustrated two books in rhyme, one of which awarded them the Lennart Hellsing Prize in 2017. Her own work Samtidigt som…

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