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Gunilla Bergström Author & Illustrator

Alfie’s Party Book/Alfons kalasbok

Picture Books

Alfie’s Party Book/Alfons kalasbok

It’s soon Alfie’s birthday. He’s going to have a party for all his friends. Here he shares his very best tips for having a party. How do you make nice balloon garlands? What is a together-cake? All games and tips are simple and do not require expensive purchases, most can be made from things you have at home. A practical handbook that will last for several birthdays!

Alfie’s Party Book is a stand-alone book based on Gunilla Bergström’s character Alfie Atkins.

Gunilla Bergström

Author Illustrator

Gunilla Bergström (1942 – 2021) was the beloved creator of Alfie Atkins, one of the most popular and timeless picture book characters in Swedish history. Alfie Atkins is no hero; in fact, some would even call him a bit of a coward. However, Alfie’s cowardice might be exactly why he has such a strong appeal…

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