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Siri Spont Author

An Enchanted Christmas/En förtrollad jul

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An Enchanted Christmas/En förtrollad jul

When Yusuf moves in at Martha’s house, everything is turned upside down. At first everything just feels awkward, Yusuf is quiet and boring and mostly keeps to himself. And when he steals Martha’s hamster and takes it into the forest, she loses her patience completely. He is out of his mind! But everything changes when one day Yusuf persuades Martha to accompany him into the forest. There awaits a magical world and a mission that only they can solve. It will be the beginning of an enchanted Christmas.

A strong and atmospheric story about the powerful power of fairy tales written by Siri Spont (author of, among other things, Utan djur so dör jag and Emre’s diary), with fantastic illustrations by Alexander Janson. A current and exciting Advent story that takes place in a Christmas-shimmering suburban environment and in the deepest forests.

A read-aloud book in 24 chapters that counts down to Christmas Eve. Start the first of December and read a chapter a day until Christmas.

With illustrations by Alexander Jansson.

Siri Spont


The author behind the pseudonym Siri Spont is really called Titti Persson who grew up in Svärdsjö, Dalarna. Today she lives in Skärholmen, Stockholm with her family and two cats. Titti debuted in 2000 and has since published a series of books for both children, young people and adults.

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