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Annica Hedin AuthorPer Gustavsson Illustrator

Berit Loves Raisin/Berit älskar Russin

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Berit Loves Raisin/Berit älskar Russin

On the way home we will buy packages for Aron. That’s why I run ahead. There are a thousand things I want in this store.

“How’s it going Berit, do you find something good for Aron?” says mother.

But I can’t answer. Because someone is looking straight into my eyes. Is it alive?

It is raisin who is looking at Berit. Raisin is a squirrel with beautiful eyes, a wrinkled nose and a prickly squirrel heart. Buying him as a birthday present for Aron was a big mistake. But mom was in a hurry and everything went too fast. How will Berit be able to give away the one she loves most?

Berit loves Raisin is a love story with great emotions: love, sadness, anger and joy. Raisin moves into Aron’s house for a short while. But maybe even Aron understands that Raisin belongs with Berit.

Annica Hedin


Annica Hedin grew up in Kvibille in the Halland countryside, but has been living in Stockholm for 25 years. She works as a freelance writer and has previously written a long series of textbooks for primary and middle school children. She debuted as a picture book author in 2018.

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Per Gustavsson


Per Gustavsson, born in 1962, is a writer and illustrator and has written and illustrated many popular children’s books. He debuted at Rabén & Sjögren in 1995. In addition to his own books, Per Gustavsson has collaborated with several authors, including Mårten Sandén, Åsa Lind, Ulf Stark and Annica Hedin. In 2017, he was awarded…

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