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Pija Lindenbaum Author & Illustrator

Bridget and the Grey Wolves

Picture Books

Bridget and the Grey Wolves

Bridget is the kind of person who doesn’t climb on roofs. Because you can fall down. Or lose your shoe, thinks Bridget. “COME-UP-THEN!” shout her friends. “It’s really fun, actually!” “LOOK-AT-ME-THEN!” they yell and throw themselves down.

On an outing in the forest, Bridget loses track of her daycare group and is left all alone. Although, maybe not entirely alone? Among the trees, small yellow lights shine – it’s the gray wolves standing there and lurking. It should be scary, but Bridget isn’t afraid.

Pija Lindenbaum’s beloved Bridget has turned 20. We celebrate with a new edition of the first book as part of our classic series.

Bridget and the Grey Wolves won the August Prize for Best Children’s Book in 2000. The citation reads: “What does a disgusting earthworm matter when, in the imagination, one can train a wolf? Wise and cheeky, Pija Lindenbaum describes how a little girl acquires great courage.”

Pija Lindenbaum

Author Illustrator

Pija Lindenbaum graduated from the Stockholm College of Arts, Crafts and Design in 1979 and has worked as an artist, designer and author for forty years. Quirky, contemporary and emotionally truthful, she is also one of the country’s most popular and successful picture book authors/illustrators. Her children’s stories are offbeat and sometimes ironic, while her…

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