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Martin Emtenäs AuthorSven Nordqvist Illustrator

Brilliant Bats/Fantastiska fladdermöss

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Brilliant Bats/Fantastiska fladdermöss

You may already know that bats sleep upside down hanging by their feet and that they only fly about when it’s dark. But you probably don’t know that bats can eat 7,000 mosquitos in one night and that they find their way through the darkness by singing?

Brilliant Bats is a wonderful little book by Martin Emtenäs that is brimming with amazing facts about these fascinating creatures. The book features detailed and funny pictures by the highly acclaimed illustrator Sven Nordqvist, father of Pettson and Findus!

Martin Emtenäs


Martin Emtenäs, born in 1977, is a writer, lecturer and journalist. He has for many years provided us with wise and curious programs about animals and nature on TV. He has written The Book of Wild Animals with illustrations by Per Gustavsson, Cecilia Heikkilä and Joanna Hellgren. Brilliant Bats is a small, but content-rich, fact…

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Sven Nordqvist


Highly-acclaimed cartoonist, writer, and graphic artist Sven Nordqvist was born in 1946 in Helsingborg. He is the creator of beloved characters such as Mamma Moo and Crow together with Jujja Wieslander, as well as Pettson and Findus. His works have been translated into more than thirty languages, and he has won several awards.

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