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Laura Di Francesco Author & Illustrator

Christmas, What’s That?/Julen, vad är det?

Picture Books

Christmas, What’s That?/Julen, vad är det?

All the grown-ups are busy talking about Christmas. But what’s that? Is someone coming to stay? Someone lovely like Granny and Grandpa? Or is it a cake? Why is everyone so cheerful all of a sudden? And what about all those wonderful decorations everywhere?

Join a young child and a cat as they try to find out what Christmas is all about. Could it mean lighting candles, waiting for Santa or simply spending time with loved ones?

Laura Di Francesco


Laura Di Francesco, born in Rome in 1976, is educated in decoration and has a degree as a visual artist from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma. Japan caught her interest and for two years she lived there learning the language and being inspired by the country’s traditions, form and design. In 2010, she…

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