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Jujja Wieslander AuthorJens Ahlbom Illustrator

Day Ghost at a Party/Dagspöket på kalas

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Day Ghost at a Party/Dagspöket på kalas

The Day Ghost is not like all other ghosts. Instead of being white, he’s black – so he can’t be seen at night! Therefore, he must haunt the day. At night, when all the usual ghosts are out and about, the Day Ghost mostly wants somewhere to live. But wherever he goes, it gets tangled up, because the Day Ghost mostly looks like a black piece of cloth.

In this book, the Day Ghost wants to go to a party, but once again he gets into trouble. First he is mistaken for cloth and then he is locked in the linen closet. Is this really what it’s like to be at a party?

With a lot of humor, Jujja Wieslander tells about this free-spirited and curious ghost who won the hearts of many readers in the nineties. The fast and funny pictures are made by Jens Ahlbom.

Jujja Wieslander

Author Illustrator

Jujja Wieslander is the creator of the much beloved children’s literature double act Mamma Moo and Crow – a beautiful, friendly, inquisitive cow, and her argumentative, know-it-all bird companion. Their deep friendship and vivid personalities have entertained children and adults for three decades. Mamma Moo and Crow originated on the radio and first appeared in…

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Jens Ahlbom


Jens Ahlbom is a skilled watercolor painter in the “blonde” Nordic tradition. His pictures are often humorous, realistic and always expressive. Through his career, Ahlbom has illustrated several picture books and worked together with many prominent children’s literature writers. In 1985, he won second prize in Rabén & Sjögren’s picture book competition with Jonatan at…

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