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Jujja Wieslander AuthorJens Ahlbom Illustrator

Day Ghost at The Hospital/Dagspöket på sjukhus

Picture Books

Day Ghost at The Hospital/Dagspöket på sjukhus

Jujja Wieslander

Author Illustrator

Jujja Wieslander is the creator of the much beloved children’s literature double act Mamma Moo and Crow – a beautiful, friendly, inquisitive cow, and her argumentative, know-it-all bird companion. Their deep friendship and vivid personalities have entertained children and adults for three decades. Mamma Moo and Crow originated on the radio and first appeared in…

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Jens Ahlbom


Jens Ahlbom är bosatt i Hudiksvall där han också arbetat som teckningslärare.

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