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Lisa Bjärbo Author

Deep Peace/Djupa ro

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Deep Peace/Djupa ro

Deep Peace is a story about friendship, sorrow and small communities. About old memories, new feelings and secrets that seep out when you begin to scrape the surface.

In a small southern Sweden community nineteen-year-old Jonathan is found dead. It’s in the middle of summer and his body is found lifeless next to The Lake Deep Peace. When news reaches his four closest friends, they return, one after the other, to their childhood community, and they find themselves together again for the first time in almost a year. Officially they’re there for the funeral. But it’s probably just as much about pure survival.

David, Tove, Ludde, Paula and Jonathan all grew up here. In a place where everybody knows everybody they have seen each other play soccer, make out and down a beer at the beach. They have seen each other long to get away and they have seen each other stay. But there are many things they never shared, there is a lot they never talked about.

Lisa Bjärbo


Lisa Bjärbo, born in 1980, is a journalist and author. She released her first youth novel in 2010. Since then, there have been a series of funny and sad contemporary books about everyday life, relationships and feelings for children and young people of different ages.

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