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Ellika Tomson’s First Book/Ellika Tomsons första bok

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Ellika Tomson’s First Book/Ellika Tomsons första bok

Strangely enough, Ellika Tomson is an explorer still alive. Because all the others, old men such as Columbus, are all dead… The house that Ellika lives in is full of people that she intends to discover. In her little notebook, she writes down the things she sees, hears and thinks when she has met someone. “Discovered that it’s different easy to say goodbye to different people,” it might say. Or: “Found out that Mr. K can actually talk a lot. More than you would think, and even about crocodiles…” In Ellika Tomson, author Åsa Lind has created an independent and funny character with many wise and clever thoughts.

Åsa Lind


Åsa Lind previously worked as a journalist. She writes both fiction and non-fiction, and is particularly well-known for her successful Sandwolf series, which won the Nils Holgersson Plaque and was nominated for the August Prize. Her writing is poetic, philosophical and in treating the child’s thoughts and feelings seriously and sympathetically, she tackles some of…

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