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Aron Landahl Author & Illustrator

Everybody Eats Everybody/Alla äter alla

Picture Books

Everybody Eats Everybody/Alla äter alla


In nature, no one is safe. There are insects and birds, fish and foxes. They all want food, but they all also run the risk of becoming someone else’s meal. One by one, the animals eat each other and together build a food chain that grows longer and longer!

An extraordinary nature book in large landscape format, where each spread tells a story about a beautiful and violently hungry animal. The reading experience guarantees delight mixed with horror! For the young and the old.

Aron Landahl

Author Illustrator

Aron Landahl was born in 1984 and lives in Uppsala. He is an illustrator, musician and works as a medical nurse. He debuted with the cozy thriller Drip, Drip and has since illustrated several books authored by Barbro Lindgren. He has also written and illustrated his own work Everybody Eats Everybody, an atmospheric picture book…

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