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Annica Hedin AuthorErik Svetoft Illustrator


Picture Books


If you have a little bunny that you love more than anything, it’s impossible not to think about the dangers all around: Magpies with sharp beaks, hungry eagles, ticks in the grass. The safest thing for a little bunny like Fluff is to stay at home, in its safe cage. But on the sunniest day of the summer, something terrible happens. Fluff hops out the door – into the tall grass – and is gone. He must be found! But what if Fluff isn’t gone at all, just somewhere else? And maybe there are things to discover out there in the wild?

Annica Hedin


Erik Svetoft


Erik Svetoft är illustratör och serieskapare som också gjort en hyllad animerad film, Älgen. Han gick ut Konstfack 2019 och har hunnit ge ut tre seriealbum, varav ett vann Svensk Bokkonsts förstapris 2017.

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