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Johan Egerkrans Author & Illustrator

Flying Reptiles and Sea Monsters/Flygödlor och havsmonster

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Flying Reptiles and Sea Monsters/Flygödlor och havsmonster

100 million years ago the world was full of fascinating and sometimes terrifying animals. And most compelling of them all were the dinosaurs. In the air the flying reptiles ruled. Some were huge carnivores, like the beastly Hatzegopteryx, and others were sly insectivores, such as the small aerial acrobat Anurognathus. And under the sea lived various kinds of aquatic reptiles. There swam the dolphin-like ichthyosaurs, the long-necked plesiosaurs and the big-jawed Mosasaurs, deserving of the epithet sea monster.

In Flying Reptiles and Sea Monsters, Johan Egerkrans introduces the reader to these fascinating animals through colourful illustrations and exciting facts. The book is based on the latest research and the text is seasoned with humour.

Johan Egerkrans

Author Illustrator

Author and illustrator Johan Egerkrans is widely recognised for his work in reinterpreting Nordic folklore in his works Norse Gods and Fairy Creatures of the North. His descriptions and depictions of gods and heroes, and giants and dwarves have been acclaimed by critics and readers alike. Egerkrans has worked as a professional illustrator and concept…

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