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Ghost Alley/Gengången

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Ghost Alley/Gengången

 When Ellinor sees the jewelry case she immediately knows she has to have it. It’s tucked away all the way back in a cluttered second-hand store, stuffed into an old potty. The case is amazingly beautiful – golden with one of those little ballerinas that dance when you wind up the built-in music box. Ellinor believes it will be expensive, so she’s amazed when the peculiar woman in the store just gives it to her. “It’s free for the right person,” she says. 

Even though the ballerina is injured and doesn’t dance anymore, the case is the most beautiful thing Ellinor has ever owned. She loves the red velvet, the mirror wall behind the ballerina and the tender melody of the music box. But it doesn’t take long before her excitement turns into discomfort. What did the woman in the store mean by the right person? And what is happening in the mirrors inside the case? And what is the connection between this case and the cute guy at Shortcut Alley 1? 

Ingelin Angerborns previous mysteries have sold in more than 130 000 copies. 

Ingelin Angerborn


Ingelin Angerborn is unsurpassable when it comes to magical realism for the middle grades. She mixes the ordinary with the magical in a way that makes everything feel possible. Ingelin Angerborn has received numerous awards and been praised by critics.

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