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Heart’s Delight/Hjärtans fröjd

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Heart’s Delight/Hjärtans fröjd

One foggy morning in November, he sat as usual at the back of the bus on the way to school. Even as the bus slowed down at that stop, he noticed something red, something red that wasn’t usually there, and when the red-haired girl got on board, he thought she lit up the whole bus. Yes, that had been the first time he had seen her. Did he know even then that she was his heart’s delight?

A book about first love from award-winning author Per Nilsson.

Per Nilsson


Per Nilsson was born in 1954 in Malmö. He now lives in Sölvesborg, a small village on the edge of the Baltic Sea. He is married to Åsa and has four children.He worked as a teacher in music and mathematics but has been a full-time author since 1999. Per Nilsson writes books for children and teenagers…

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