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Lena Sjöberg Author & Illustrator

In the Building Where I Live/I huset där jag bor

Picture Books

In the Building Where I Live/I huset där jag bor

Come into this block of flats and discover all the fascinating rooms and the different people who live in them. There’s an incredible amount to see. Can you work out where the sea captain’s grandchild lives? And how many cats does the Cat Lady have?

In the Building Where I Live is endlessly interesting, the people and the many little details in every picture inviting to conversations, discussions and questions. And remember, the story can be different every time you open the book!

Lena Sjöberg

Author Illustrator

Lena Sjöberg is an author and illustrator who has created almost thirty books, both fiction and non-fiction. She frequently writes in verse, taking a warm-hearted, humanist, humorous approach to the theme of the emotional bonds between children and adults. Each book is designed as a total work of art. The small details in her illustrations…

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