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Ivar Meets a Stegosaurus/Ivar träffar en Stegosaurus

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Ivar Meets a Stegosaurus/Ivar träffar en Stegosaurus

 Ivar is a world champion in dinosaurs. He has practiced probably a thousand hours in Dino Land. Dino Land is a box where Ivar’s toy dinosaurs live. He has a gazillion of them and he knows all their names. 

One night when Ivar can’t sleep he hears strange sounds from the box. There is a scratching and a chirping. And when Ivar lifts the lid he can hardly believe his eyes – the dinosaurs have come alive! 

A fast-paced adventure story that ends with a fun, fact-filled spread where the Stegosaurus talks about himself in My Friends-format. Emma Göthner’s dinosaurs are cute while being just the right amount of scary. The perfect book for all dino-fans – and there are lots of them! 

• Second part is about Tyrannosaurus Rex 

Lisa Bjärbo has also written the books about Eddie and in 2013 she received the Nils Holgersson Plaque for her young adult novel Everything I Say Is True. 

Illustrated by Emma Göthner


Lisa Bjärbo


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