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Christina Björk AuthorEva Eriksson Illustrator

Knights and Dragon/Riddare och drakar

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Knights and Dragon/Riddare och drakar

 Arthur, George, Parsifal, Tristan – knights have been popular and fascinating fairytale characters for thousands of years. Some of them have existed in real life, others are made-up fantasy figures. But even so, the knights’ struggles and adventures have spellbound audiences and readers for generations. 

To the great joy of many children who like to play knights and want to read about them, here is a collection of newly written knight stories by Christina Björk. The stories are illu-strated by Eva Eriksson who has created exciting and detailed pictures of knights and dragons. 

This sterling storybook of just the right length, contains seven irresistible knight tales, seven knights, seven dragons and an occasional monster. 

Christina Björk


Christina Björk has written about twenty books, and is particularly well-known for the stories about Linnea, created with the illustrator Lena Anderson (see elsewhere in this catalogue). After seeing a major Monet exhibition in Paris in 1980, Cristina Björk was inspired to write Linnea in Monet’s Garden, a story in which Linnea, a small girl,…

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Eva Eriksson


Eva Eriksson, born in 1949, is one of Sweden’s most beloved illustrators with a long line of classics in her bag. Eriksson is best known for her close collaboration with author Barbro Lindgren, but has also worked with many other authors such as Viveca Lärn, Ulf Nilsson and Rose Lagercrantz. She has also written and…

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