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Mårten Melin Author

Last Night I Dreamt…/Inatt jag drömde

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Last Night I Dreamt…/Inatt jag drömde

One night at the summer camp, Malik discovers he can visit other people’s dreams! In the beginning, he thinks it’s rather exciting. What a cool thing to be able to show hot Sara, for
instance. But soon, inexplicable things begin happening. He meets Jonna with the umbrella – a peculiar woman who smells of candy floss, looks like a superhero and gives orders like a queen. It turns out she can make people fall asleep with that umbrella. But what does she want from him? How can Malik step in and out of other people’s dreams when nobody else seems able to? And why is the Prime Minister interested in Malik’s gifts?

Paranormal activity, humour, seriousness, darkness and excitement. Mårten Melin continues to mine his rich imagination and it’s impossible to stop reading.

Mårten Melin


Mårten Melin has since his debut in 2003 written more than sixty books for children and young people. He has been nominated for the August Prize and won both the Hans Peterson Stipendium and the Nils Holgersson Plaque for the Best Children’s Book in Swedish.

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