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Emma AdBåge Author & Illustrator

Leni Becomes a Baby/Leni blir en bebis

Picture Books

Leni Becomes a Baby/Leni blir en bebis

Leni is sometimes an adult, and sometimes a baby. Now Leni has turned into a baby. That is should be so difficult for Dad to understand!

At first, everything is the same as always. Leni is in her bed and her little brother Sigge is in his crib. But then everything is not the same as always. Something has happened.

Suddenly, Leni knows what it is. She has become a baby, of course! Now Leni can’t dress herself, or pee on the toilet, or walk by herself … That it should be so difficult for Dad to understand!

“Strange, Dad thinks, you don’t look anything like Sigge.
– But I’m a baby, Leni says.
But you can’t tell on the outside. You can just feel it.”

With her books about Leni, Emma AdBåge proves once again that she is a master at capturing and portraying the young child’s emotions and expressions. She depicts exactly little children’s defiance and “do-it-yourself” age.

“Masterful everyday drama…”

Dalila Dorai, Hallandsposten about We Find Crumbert

“Right in every detail.”

Kristina Hallberg, Svenska Dagbladet
about Leni is a Honeybun

Emma AdBåge

Author Illustrator

Emma AdBåge’s stories and illustrations make everyday emotions and experiences both immediately recognisable and richly interesting. Her stories and drawings are observant, succinct, humorous and perceptive. With their carefully drawn lines and gentle colours, AdBåge’s illustrations combine small details with bold characters, whose bodily postures and facial expressions give a distinct insight into what they…

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