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Barbro Lindgren AuthorCamilla Engman Illustrator

Let’s Pretend We’re Baby Birds/Vi leker att vi är pippifåglar

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Let’s Pretend We’re Baby Birds/Vi leker att vi är pippifåglar

When playing baby birds, anything can happen. Two make-believe brothers fly among the clouds, are attacked by eagles and hunted by the darkness. Suddenly the gas runs out … It’s fun, unpredictable and genius!

– We have to fly faster. Darkness is coming soon. I know! We can pretend that there are dangerous eagles in the air!

– Although we fly away from them, of course.

– No, not you! Someone is coming to get you!

– I’ll hit it.

– Are you that strong then?

– Yes, I have muscles on my arms.

– Can I see? You do, although mine are bigger.

Let’s Pretend We’re Baby Birds is a celebration of imagination and play. There are no rules, restrictions or nagging adults here. Mom and Dad have turned into chickens.

Barbro Lindgren


Barbro Lindgren is one of Sweden’s most important, deeply-loved and prolific writers. Her output of over a hundred titles for differing age groups includes picture books, poetry, plays, absurdist stories, and more realistic fiction for young adults. Her work has been translated into more than thirty languages and to date she is the only Swedish…

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Camilla Engman


Camilla Engman, born in 1966, works as an artist and illustrator. She has had a number of solo exhibitions and runs a successful blog. She has previously illustrated picture books in Italy, France and Norway. Let’s Pretend We’re Baby Birds with author Barbo Lindgren is her first picture book in Swedish.

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