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Christina Björk AuthorLena Anderson Illustrator

Linnea in Monet’s Garden/Linnea i Målarens trädgård

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Linnea in Monet’s Garden/Linnea i Målarens trädgård

Linnea has been to Paris! And in the garden of the painter Claude Monet! At last she could stand on the little Japanese bridge that can be seen on so many paintings. And in Paris Linnea could see many of the original paintings. Now she knows exactly why Monet was called ‘the impressionist’.

 This wonderful informative picture book about Linnea and her Uncle Blomkvist’s journey to Giverny was created back in 1985. Now the book has been revitalised, the information has been updated and it is in a larger format.

Lena Anderson’s and Christina Björk’s book about Linnea is loved by children and adults alike, in Sweden as well as abroad. The English translations of the Linnea books have sold almost one million copies. 

Christina Björk and Lena Anderson were pioneers with their playfully pedagogical books – sensible information in a playful and attractive form. When they presented Linnea, the girl who loves nature, it was something completely new in the world of children’s books. 

Christina Björk


Christina Björk has written about twenty books, and is particularly well-known for the stories about Linnea, created with the illustrator Lena Anderson (see elsewhere in this catalogue). After seeing a major Monet exhibition in Paris in 1980, Cristina Björk was inspired to write Linnea in Monet’s Garden, a story in which Linnea, a small girl,…

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Lena Anderson

Author Illustrator

Lena Anderson is an author and illustrator. She illustrates in watercolour, charcoal and pencil. Her illustrations in light, soft colours are detailed and sometimes quietly humorous, while her beautiful, easy-to-read italic handwriting is a feature of many of her books. She writes and draws about inquisitive children, animals and other figures for children who also…

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