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Emma AdBåge Author & Illustrator

Little Nose/Lilla näsan

Picture Books

Little Nose/Lilla näsan

A little nose can do a lot of things: get picked, have a nosebleed, sneeze achoo and smell a flower. 

With passion and intimate knowledge of the young child Emma Adbåge has created a board book series for the very youngest discoverers. A first introduction to the different body parts in miniature format. 

”She illustrates the little person expertly and with ingenuity” 

BTJ about Little Foot 

”Fun and educational” 

BTJ about Little Hand 

Emma AdBåge

Author Illustrator

Emma AdBåge’s stories and illustrations make everyday emotions and experiences both immediately recognisable and richly interesting. Her stories and drawings are observant, succinct, humorous and perceptive. With their carefully drawn lines and gentle colours, AdBåge’s illustrations combine small details with bold characters, whose bodily postures and facial expressions give a distinct insight into what they…

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