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Lena Anderson Author & Illustrator

Maja the Nature Detective/Maja tittar på naturen

Picture Books

Maja the Nature Detective/Maja tittar på naturen

Discover all the exciting things that happen in nature when spring turns into summer, the leaves start to fall and the frost hits. Join Maja out into the woods and fields and marvel at insects, fish, birds and all the magic that happens around us if we just stop and look around for a while. Through Maja’s curiosity, humor and joy of nature, we learn how old the tree is, what happens to the seed when it is planted, how to tell the difference between a grasshopper and a wart-biter and much more.

There is probably no one who has taught generations of children as much about nature as Maja. There is so much to see and discover there! In this new edition of Maja looks at nature (first published in 1983), Lena Anderson’s classic images have been given new life and Ulf Svedberg’s text has been carefully adapted and given a new, airier form.

Lena Anderson

Author Illustrator

Lena Anderson is an author and illustrator. She illustrates in watercolour, charcoal and pencil. Her illustrations in light, soft colours are detailed and sometimes quietly humorous, while her beautiful, easy-to-read italic handwriting is a feature of many of her books. She writes and draws about inquisitive children, animals and other figures for children who also…

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