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Björn Bergenholtz Author & Illustrator

My Animal Log Book/Djur – Min kom ihåg-bok

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My Animal Log Book/Djur – Min kom ihåg-bok

Björn BergenholtzBjörn Bergenholtz has written a wonderfulbook that will help young explorers keeptrack of their various adventures.Featuring plenty of useful facts,checklists and pages for notes, thisbook is an ideal companion for naturelovers. Write down all the animalsyou’ve spotted or heard, and you’llbe well on your way to becoming aseasoned bird and animal watcher!

Björn Bergenholtz

Author Illustrator

Björn Bergenholtz has written many popular books about nature, and his Känn igen 25 (Spot 25) series is a firm favorite among children of all ages. What A Lovely One is ideal for young children eager to learn about the world around them.

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