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Lena Sjöberg Author & Illustrator

Never Have I Seen/Aldrig har jag sett

Picture Books

Never Have I Seen/Aldrig har jag sett

A picture book about waking up, about swinging back and forth, about being comforted and playing, and about the wonder of just being together. In Never Have I Seen, Lena Sjöberg depicts the relationship between a grown-up and a child from early morning until late evening. It’s about being here and now, and in the moment when everything really important happens.

Lena Sjöberg

Author Illustrator

Lena Sjöberg is an author and illustrator who has created almost thirty books, both fiction and non-fiction. She frequently writes in verse, taking a warm-hearted, humanist, humorous approach to the theme of the emotional bonds between children and adults. Each book is designed as a total work of art. The small details in her illustrations…

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