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Nina’s Sibling Book/Ninas syskonbok

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Nina’s Sibling Book/Ninas syskonbok

Nina has finally become a big sister, but unfortunately, it is not as wonderful as she imagined. Sometimes it feels as if nobody has time for Nina anymore; everybody talks about how sweet and wonderful her little brother Bruno is, even though he doesn’t do anything but sleep, cry, eat and poop. Nina can do all those things too, but nobody tells her she’s wonderful when she does. But one thing that’s good about Bruno is that he loves Nina more than anybody else in the world. 

Nina is often the one who can get Bruno to stop crying. Mom and Dad should probably think about that when it suddenly occurs to them that Nina and Julia should help more around the house. A little too much responsibility for an eight-year-old, Nina feels; she plans to run away so her family will understand that they won’t be able to survive without her. Nina thinks a lot about things like that, and about siblings, puppies, friends, space, constellations and the meaning of life.

Emi Gunér


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