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Pippi On the Run (From the Movie)/På rymmen med Pippi Långstrump

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Pippi On the Run (From the Movie)/På rymmen med Pippi Långstrump

Large photographic picture book in color – now in a new, fresh edition! An adventure with Pippi, Tommy and Annika, based on the Pippi film starring Inger Nilsson. When the film “Pippi on the Run” was shot in 1971, a series of still images were taken which became this lovely picture book, accompanied by text by Astrid Lindgren. A modern layout and repro have resulted in a fresh new edition of this classic.

Pippi, Tommy and Annika run away from home and get to take part in lots of fun adventures. The children find an uninhabited house to sleep in, and fish for trout in the stream which they roast over the fire. Pippi rides in a barrel down a waterfall and then she becomes a bullfighter and saves a little boy from the bull. When a kind policeman finds the children, he tells them: “Now, first of all, I have to talk to your parents about this”, at which Pippi answers, “It will probably be a bit tricky, but you can always try.”

Astrid Lindgren


Sweden’s most beloved children’s author Astrid Lindgren (1907–2002) is also considered to be one of the most important writers for children throughout the world. Her work has been translated into more than 100 languages, and shortly after her death the Swedish government inaugurated the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (ALMA) to recognise outstanding international achievement in…

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