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Emelie Andrén AuthorSalla Savolainen Illustrator

Road Work and Vehicle Trouble/Vägarbete och fordonstrubbel

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Road Work and Vehicle Trouble/Vägarbete och fordonstrubbel

Sports cars, tractors, busses and scooters can all be found at Astrid, Axel and Alfred’s workshop. The road construction workers, with Elvira at the helm, pave the street and redirect traffic around a dangerous hole. A putt-putt story about an eventful day at the auto shop.

At the edge of town, where the road ends and the forest begins, sits a nice auto shop. In the yard you will find an old car wreck, broken scooters and other interesting things heaped on top of each other in big piles. Astrid, Axel and Alfred work here, and they always have things to do, vehicles to fix, tires to change and cars that need service right away.

Emelie Andrén


Emelie Andrén was born in Borås in 1977 and lives with her husband and two children on the west coast outside Varberg. Through her university studies in history, media and communication, Emelie ended up in the book industry, where she works in sales.

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Salla Savolainen


Salla Savolainen was born in 1962 and is a celebrated illustrator and children’s book creator active in Karkkila, Finland. She has written and illustrated a large number of books and her work has been exhibited both in Finland and at several children’s book fairs around the world. In 2005 Salla was awarded the Rudolf Koivu…

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