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Room 213/Rum 213

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Room 213/Rum 213

We still get together sometimes, Bea, Meja and I. But we never talk about it. It’s some kind of quiet agreement. As if maybe it never happened if we don’t talk about it. But deep inside we know, of course…

This particular night both Meja and I woke from Bea’s piercing scream. She sat in her bed with her pillow shoved against her face. She said nothing. Didn’t even sniffle. But I saw her leg shaking under the cover.

– You were only dreaming, I whispered. There is nothing here.
I whispered not to wake Meja, but she was already awake.
– What is it? she asked and leaned over the edge of the bed.
– Nothing, I said. Bea just dreamt something.
Bea shook her head behind the pillow.
– It wasn’t a dream, she said quietly. I saw her, for real.
– Saw who? Meja wondered.
– The ghost, Bea whispered. The girl dressed in white.

Perhaps Elvira should have been suspicious when she was accepted into summer camp even though she signed up a week past the deadline. And perhaps she should have changed her mind and gone home when she ended up in room 213. There are rumors about a ghost in there, people have seen a girl with long red hair, dressed in white, wander around at night.

It begins like a dream summer, with beaches and sunshine and cute guys, but soon mysterious things start to happen. What is that strange white shadow that appears behind Elvira in all the pictures that her roommate Meja takes? And why do a bunch of the girls’ things disappear at night? Is it true as the rumor says, that room 213 is haunted?

New exciting thriller by Ingelin Angerborn, a writer much praised by critics!

Press voices about Ingelin Angerborn’s books:

Butterfly of Sorrow makes you want more.”

Norrtelje Tidning

“The author manages to infuse life into people and setting.”


“A subtle and enjoyable thriller”

Jonna Fries

Ingelin Angerborn


Ingelin Angerborn is unsurpassable when it comes to magical realism for the middle grades. She mixes the ordinary with the magical in a way that makes everything feel possible. Ingelin Angerborn has received numerous awards and been praised by critics.

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