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Jockum Nordström Author & Illustrator

Sailor and Pekka – The Trilogy/Sailor och Pekka - Trilogi

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Sailor and Pekka – The Trilogy/Sailor och Pekka - Trilogi

The seaman Sailor can’t find his shirt. He will probably have to buy a new one. And the dog Pekka needs to get a haircut.

Sailor gets sick. Pekka has to get medicine for him at the pharmacy. It’s boring to be sick. And fun to get well.

Mrs. Jackson will sing in church. Sailor and Pekka must hurry so they don’t miss her performance.

Jockum Nordström’s magnificent stories about Sailor and Pekka are known for their unassuming plot and pages filled to the brim with something to look and think about. Different techniques are mixed fresh; drawings, clippings, photos, paintings. Small comic strips are interspersed with large spreads in Nordström’s wonderfully charming tales. There is something here for all ages. Contains three stories, Sailor Get Sick, Sailor and Pekka Run Errands Downtown and Sailor and Pekka and the Sunday.

Press voices about the three picture books:

“When Pablo Picasso once sighed that he had to strive a lifetime to recapture the simple idiom of his childhood, he fortunately did not know what Jockum Nordström would one day achieve…”

“Jockum Nordström mixes a naive and drastic folk art with a conscious modernism in a very refined alloy.”

“With his anti-authoritarian style, with no role models other than schoolboy drawings, Jockum Nordström has enriched and broadened Swedish picture book art.”

Jockum Nordström

Illustrator Author

Jockum Nordström is one of Scandinavia’s leading artists, internationally recognised as much for his exhibition work as his children’s books. Principally working in pencil and collage, Nordström has developed a highly individual illustrative style, playful and sometimes melancholy, drawing on influences from folk art, naive art and surrealism, among others. His books for young people…

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