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Lotta Olsson AuthorEmma AdBåge Illustrator


Picture Books


Big feelings for small children – Scared is the third book in Lotta Olsson’s and Emma AdBåge’s emotion series.

When the evening comes, it’s time to sleep, it’s so nice to crawl into the soft bed. But coziness suddenly turns to shivers when the light goes out and the darkness arrives. What is that crackling sound? And why does everything get so scary when it’s dark!

Lotta Olsson


Emma AdBåge

Author Illustrator

Emma AdBåge’s stories and illustrations make everyday emotions and experiences both immediately recognisable and richly interesting. Her stories and drawings are observant, succinct, humorous and perceptive. With their carefully drawn lines and gentle colours, AdBåge’s illustrations combine small details with bold characters, whose bodily postures and facial expressions give a distinct insight into what they…

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