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Katja Tydén Author

Selma, Tora and Kitty/Selma, Tora och Kitty

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Selma, Tora and Kitty/Selma, Tora och Kitty

The second book about Selma, where she meets a new friend, and tries to get a kitten of her own.

It’s the summer holidays at last and Selma is out on the island with her dad, her little brother and her grandparents. She feels quite lonely, but then she meets Tora! Tora is the same age as her and she’s just moved out to the island. She lives in that big house behind the shop, and they have a bath, a proper loo and loads of animals, including some adorable little kittens…

Selma and Tora play together every day, until one day, when things suddenly change. Selma has no idea why. Luckily, she still has someone else to play with – her name is Kitty and she’s a kitten. Even though Selma knows that Kitty doesn’t belong to her, she decides to take her home anyway. She finds the perfect hiding place for Kitty, but things don’t turn out as she’d expected. Selma, Tora and Kitty is an independent sequel to Selma and Dad.

Katja Tydén


Katja Tydén, born in 1980, is a writer and publishing editor. She debuted in 2018 with Selma and Dad, a chapter book for ages 6–9 and has since come out with several titles for the same age group.

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