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Matilda Ruta Author & Illustrator

Sibling Week/Syskonvecka

Picture Books

Sibling Week/Syskonvecka

Raisin is desperately missing her big sister Bunny, but she spends every other week with her mum. Raisin needs to understand that – they’ll be together again when it’s “Dad Week”. But Raisin doesn’t care about that – she wants her “Sister Week” NOW. Bunny is big and kind and gentle and dangerous all in one. They’re supposed to be doing all the fun things you do at a party together – everyone else can go home as far as she’s concerned. 

The story shows just how hard it can be to miss a sibling. This is the first book in Matilda Ruta’s Beachwood series that tackles a number of family issues and takes children’s emotions very seriously. 

Matilda Ruta

Author Illustrator

Matilda Ruta is an illustrator, cartoonist and picture book artist. After graduating from Konstfack, the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, in 2009, Ruta has been commissioned by a wide range of print and design clients within the fields of public art, illustration, web design, magazine design, murals and more. She has previously been…

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