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Julia Wiberg AuthorMaria Källström Illustrator

Simple and Fun Facts About Your Body/Enkla och roliga fakta om kroppen

Non Fiction

Simple and Fun Facts About Your Body/Enkla och roliga fakta om kroppen

Have you ever wondered why you poop? Or where tears come from? Or maybe what a navel actually is for? This book is about the most important thing you have – your very own body. You will learn about the body’s most important organs, about your muscles, your blood circulation, your five senses and a lot of other things on and in the body that you might not have even known existed!

Simple Facts is a fact book series with playful books about children’s favourite subjects and plenty of colourful illustrations. Perfect for curious and fact-hungry children from the preschool age and up. Julia Wiberg is the children’s favourite with her previous books about the forest, space and dinosaurs. The playful and funny illustrations are created by the popular illustrator Maria Källström.

Julia Wiberg


Julia Wiberg, born in 1990, grew up in the village of Täfteå in Västerbotten, the north of Sweden. Since childhood she has had a special relationship with nature and always carries her binoculars at the ready. Through her own children’s program Animals with Julia on Swedish Public Television, she spreads the love for animals and…

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Maria Källström


Maria Källström är född 1968 och bor i Stockholm med sin familj och två siameser. Hon har en utbildning i grafisk design och illustration från Konstfack och har arbetat som illustratör och formgivare sedan 1998. Sin första barnbok illustrerade hon 2012 och sedan dess har det blivit ytterligare ett trettiotal titlar.  Förutom förkärleken till glada…

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