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Julia Wiberg Author

Simple facts – Space/Enkla och roliga fakta om rymden

Non Fiction

Simple facts – Space/Enkla och roliga fakta om rymden

What does it look like on Jupiter? On which planet does it rain diamonds? What is it like to be an astronaut on a space shuttle? Join us on a journey through our solar system and learn lots of cool things about space! In this book you will find exciting facts about all the planets in our solar system and about the Earth where we live.

Read about our own star the sun, about the moon and the first moon landing, about comets, shooting stars …

Illustrated by Ingrid Flygare

Julia Wiberg


Julia Wiberg, born in 1990, grew up in the village of Täfteå in Västerbotten, the north of Sweden. Since childhood she has had a special relationship with nature and always carries her binoculars at the ready. Through her own children’s program Animals with Julia on Swedish Public Television, she spreads the love for animals and…

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