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Helena Kubicek Boye AuthorLaura Di Francesco Illustrator

Sweet Dream Stories/Sömnsagor

Picture Books

Sweet Dream Stories/Sömnsagor

What do you do when your child is having trouble falling asleep? Well, this clever, beautifully illustrated book with mesmerising stories and clear advice to parents may just do the trick in helping you establish good sleeping routines.

Helena Kubicek Boye


Author and psychologist Helena Kubicek Boye has been helping adults and children overcome sleeping problems for years. The first part of the book includes tips and advice for parents, as well as thoughts on how to deal with children’s questions at bedtime. The second part features bedtime stories for children aged three to six. They…

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Laura Di Francesco


Laura Di Francesco, born in Rome in 1976, is educated in decoration and has a degree as a visual artist from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma. Japan caught her interest and for two years she lived there learning the language and being inspired by the country’s traditions, form and design. In 2010, she…

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