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Gunilla Bergström Author & Illustrator

The Big Book about Alfie/Stora boken om Alfons Åberg

Picture Books

The Big Book about Alfie/Stora boken om Alfons Åberg

Surely you know Alfie Atkins? He is like most children. Not that big and not that strong. And he prefers not to fight either. He can be happy and mischievous, but also angry and jealous, and scared of ghosts…

The books about Alfie Atkins have been loved by generations ever since the release of the first book, Good Night, Alfie Atkins, in 1972. The books have been translated into nearly 40 languages and over 10 million Alfie-books have been sold worldwide.

In this 50th anniversary edition, Gunilla Bergström has selected five of her books about Alfie which show him in his different ages. In addition, there are introductions of Alfie’s friends and family, so that the reader also gets to know them better. Welcome to Alfie’s world, where everyday life is magic enough!

The book includes:
Good Night, Alfie Atkins
You’re a Sly One, Alfie Atkins,
What did Mr Atkins Say?
What’s Alfie up to Now?
How Far Does Alfons Reach?

Gunilla Bergström

Author Illustrator

Gunilla Bergström (1942 – 2021) was the beloved creator of Alfie Atkins, one of the most popular and timeless picture book characters in Swedish history. Alfie Atkins is no hero; in fact, some would even call him a bit of a coward. However, Alfie’s cowardice might be exactly why he has such a strong appeal…

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