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Reyhaneh Ahangaran AuthorAnnika Lundholm Illustrator

The Book About Feelings/Känsloboken

Non Fiction

The Book About Feelings/Känsloboken

Sometimes we’re sad without knowing why, sometimes we’re so happy we can’t stop laughing, sometimes we’re so anxious our stomach hurts … and it is almost always helpful to put words to how we feel!

Child Psychologist Reyhaneh Ahangaran’s book deals with 6–9 year-old children’s questions like: What is it like to sleep at a friend’s house for the first time, how do you ask a teacher for help even when you’re nervous and what do you do if you have a big secret.

Reyhaneh Ahangaran


Reyhaneh Ahangaran is a licensed cognitive behavioural psychologist who specializes in child and adolescent psychiatry. She’s been in the field for over a decade and currently works as a school counsellor. She has previously worked at RFSU, a Swedish non-profit sexual and reproductive health and rights organisation, and Swedish National Radio as a sexual health…

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Annika Lundholm


Annika Lundholm Moberg is an author, illustrator and children’s books graphic designer. Her work includes illustrations for magazines, marketing campaigns, websites, animations and of course children’s books. She is based just outside of Gothenburg in the south of Sweden near the ocean.

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