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Pernilla Stalfelt Author & Illustrator

The Book of Life/Livetboken

Picture Books

The Book of Life/Livetboken

Life can be big and very small, fun and terribly boring, long but sometimes way too short. Stalfelt’s latest book is about life. About being born, about dying and about everything that happens in between. About how time passes and about what you can do in a lifetime, for example kissing with candles in your hair at Christmas, catching butterflies or waiting at a red light.

But how do you know that you are really alive? And why is food so important? The Book of Life contains no truths or solutions, but a couple of explanations. Stalfelt’s thoughts on life are funny, sad and highly personal and she proves to once again having tackled a difficult subject. Writing about life for children is an art few can master, but Stalfelt dares to try and she does it well!

Pernilla Stalfelt

Author Illustrator

Pernilla Stalfelt is one of Sweden’s most innovative creators of picture books, taking on subject matter close to home but which breaks traditional boundaries. She is best known for her non-fiction series that includes The Hair Book, The Poo-Poo Book, The Death Book, The Love Book, As Alike as Two Peas, The Scary Book, and…

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