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The Book of Wild Animals/Vilda djurboken

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The Book of Wild Animals/Vilda djurboken

Martin Emtenäs has explored dens, lairs and caves and climbed up into the nest of a white-tailed eagle. He has weighed, measured and marked bears, eaglets and wolf pups. He has met with wildlife wardens, rangers, bird watchers and researchers across the whole country. Now he generously shares his exciting knowledge with the very youngest. He brings his readers along to fun, educational meetings with bears, wolves, lynx, salmon, raven and twenty other wild-animal favorites.

Bonus pages with interactive tasks and a small year-long calendar with information about what you might experience in nature from January until December.

On his journey, Martin Emtenäs brought along three very fine photographers: Per Gustavsson, Cecilia Heikkilä and Joanna Hellgren, who give their version of the animals in funny, beautiful pictures. The book is richly and playfully illustrated in color. The animals in the book: Wolf, bear, moose, red deer, osprey, white-tailed eagle, wood grouse, eagle-owl, mountain hare, raven, stag beetle, nightingale, roe deer, crane, curlew, Siberian jay, lynx, Arctic fox, beaver, utter, salmon, harbor seal, hedgehog, mute swan and hazel dormouse.

Martin Emtenäs


Per Gustavsson


Cecilia Heikkilä


Cecilia Heikkilä, born 1984, is an author and illustrator of children’s books whose work is greatly characterized by her love for animals and nature. Apart from writing her own stories, she has also illustrated the works of several authorships such as Astrid Lindgren and Tove Jansson, and worked with companies such as Spotify, IKEA and…

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