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The Cargo/Lasten

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The Cargo/Lasten

Elsa and Signe are enjoying their summer when a delivery boy is shot. Who is behind the deed, and is the restaurant owner involved somehow? The cousins sink further into the matter and soon find themselves in deep danger.

The Cargo is the fifth independent book about Signe Holm, the children’s own Sherlock Holmes. In 2020, the series was named Children’s Crime of the Year in Sweden by the Crimetime Awards.

Petter Lidbeck


Petter Lidbeck, born 1964, has written over forty books for children and young adults. He has also, under the nom de plume Hans Koppel written several literary and suspense novels for adults, including the international hit Never Coming Back. His youth crime series about Signe Holm, the children’s own Sherlock Holmes, was named Children’s Crime…

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