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Emily Joof AuthorMatilda Ruta Illustrator

The Deep Blue/Det djupa blå

Picture Books

The Deep Blue/Det djupa blå

A beautiful and moving picture book about overcoming the fear of water and discovering the magic of the ocean. About being at the pool and conquering your fear with a parent safely by your side, and eventually daring to take a little jump off the edge by yourself;

The first time I saw the water I shivered. It was so big and so blue! The second time was in the summer, by a quiet little lake. Mysterious bubbles on the surface here and there, but I dipped a toe in, then two. Maybe it wasn’t so scary after all?

Emily Joof


Author Emily Joof, born in 1984, works as a Global Education Technical Advisor at Save the Children. She has previously written several children’s books with themes of inclusion and diversity from an afro diasporan perspective. The Big Blue is her first book at Rabén & Sjogren, with illustrations by Matilda Ruta. Throughout her career, Joof…

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Matilda Ruta

Author Illustrator

Matilda Ruta is an illustrator, cartoonist and picture book artist. After graduating from Konstfack, the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, in 2009, Ruta has been commissioned by a wide range of print and design clients within the fields of public art, illustration, web design, magazine design, murals and more. She has previously been…

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