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Lena Anderson Author & Illustrator

The First Year With You/Första året med dig

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The First Year With You/Första året med dig

Don’t forget all the amazing things that happen during the first year. Write down fun events, unforgettable moments and your finest memories. When did the first tooth come? What about the first steps? What did you do that first summer?

This book helps you remember favorite rhymes, favorite songs and favorite baby friends. The First Year With You, has adorable illustrations by Lena Anderson, one of our most beloved picture book creators. In addition to Hedgehog, she is also the creator of many other beloved children’s books characters, among them, Linnea, Maja, Stina and Mollan.

Lena Anderson

Author Illustrator

Lena Anderson is an author and illustrator. She illustrates in watercolour, charcoal and pencil. Her illustrations in light, soft colours are detailed and sometimes quietly humorous, while her beautiful, easy-to-read italic handwriting is a feature of many of her books. She writes and draws about inquisitive children, animals and other figures for children who also…

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