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Björn Bergenholtz Author & Illustrator

The Liopard/Lejoparden

Picture Books

The Liopard/Lejoparden

This is a bumper, 64-page illustrated book about alienation, celebrity worship, friendship and the importance of being accepted, and one of the most beautiful picture books this autumn. Under the blazing sun of the savannah, lives a small feline with green eyes, a pink nose and a striped tail. It’s not an ordinary kitten. It is not striped like a tiger, not black like a panther, nor spotted like a leopard. At first, the little cat doesn’t mind, because it doesn’t really matter what you are, does it? Not until the other animals ask questions…

Björn Bergenholtz

Author Illustrator

Björn Bergenholtz was born in 1962 and grew up in small Älmhult in Småland. He now lives and works in Stockholm. For quite a few years, Björn wandered around in life, traveled around the world and worked here and there. After years of shorter jobs as caretaker, artist, substitute teacher, whale safari guide, cabinet maker…

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